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Hizaki Versailles by mafxkurofreakjex Hizaki Versailles :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 4 10
You told me not to look back
But lately, you make me
Because the way you act,
makes me feel
like I don't want to
ever again
:iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 1 2
The desk
A desk.
Full of papers and drawings.
And one sheet, a large one, stained, inked in red.
Love me.
I know I'm not perfect, but please just accept me.
Save me.
I don't want to be here anymore.
Reach out for my hand, can't you hear my screams?
I'm drowning.
I hate myself.
If you love me then let go of me.
I can't take it anymore, it's everywhere, I still see them. They haunt me.
I'm sick of feeling numb.
They want me to die.
No one knows how much it hurts not to feel.
Erase me.
Afraid to sleep, afraid to dream
I can't SCREAM!
I've nothing left.

And so much more, all written down, one by one on that sheet of paper.  
The feelings of a young person.
Male or female doesn't matter.
Broken is broken.
And there's no one there to repair them.
And guess what?
The desk is mine
The drawings are mine
And so are the words
:iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 2 4
Yullen request for Zolk by mafxkurofreakjex Yullen request for Zolk :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 26 28 Angel Cosplay 05 by mafxkurofreakjex Angel Cosplay 05 :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 2 0 Angel Cosplay 04 by mafxkurofreakjex Angel Cosplay 04 :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 1 0 Angel Cosplay 03 by mafxkurofreakjex Angel Cosplay 03 :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 0 0 Angel Cosplay 02 by mafxkurofreakjex Angel Cosplay 02 :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 0 0 Angel Cosplay 01 by mafxkurofreakjex Angel Cosplay 01 :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 1 3 Request for AlexanderKusztyk (Finished work) by mafxkurofreakjex Request for AlexanderKusztyk (Finished work) :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 2 10
I want to feel wanted just once in my life
Is that so much to ask?
:iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 0 4
Request for AlexanderKusztyk (Work in progress) by mafxkurofreakjex Request for AlexanderKusztyk (Work in progress) :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 0 5
Inner feelings
And then failure came with a hammer and crushed the future and our dreams
:iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 1 16
I call it... Cosplay no jutsu by mafxkurofreakjex I call it... Cosplay no jutsu :iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 4 4
Dear God
Can you please stop taking away everything that has a meaning to me?
Thank you.
a broken girl
:iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 1 20
Eyes like razors in my back, judging what they see
Brains, thinking everything has to go your way
Tongue, telling me, ordering me, to do it how they want me to do it
Ears that don't even listen to the opinion of someone else
Hands, hurting me, wherever they can
Words, revealing all of my darkest secrets to the world.
Judging, huring, looking down on me, killing me...
"Forgive me" I say...
"I just can't believe I once called you 'Friend'" I whisper
:iconmafxkurofreakjex:mafxkurofreakjex 3 18


The death of me by Delila2110 The death of me :icondelila2110:Delila2110 688 48 Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker by Delila2110 Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker :icondelila2110:Delila2110 492 29 Exorcist Tyki Mikk by Delila2110 Exorcist Tyki Mikk :icondelila2110:Delila2110 55 4 DGM Labyrinth by Delila2110 DGM Labyrinth :icondelila2110:Delila2110 107 4 Welcome allen walker by Delila2110 Welcome allen walker :icondelila2110:Delila2110 207 24 That Butler Growth by Delila2110 That Butler Growth :icondelila2110:Delila2110 428 44 On the leash by Delila2110 On the leash :icondelila2110:Delila2110 146 25 Donten ni Warau Warrior by Delila2110 Donten ni Warau Warrior :icondelila2110:Delila2110 178 17 DGM Red angels by Delila2110 DGM Red angels :icondelila2110:Delila2110 130 15 Seven circles of hell: What's with your face by Delila2110 Seven circles of hell: What's with your face :icondelila2110:Delila2110 45 0 PH Oz by Delila2110 PH Oz :icondelila2110:Delila2110 135 13 2014 Summary Of Art by Delila2110 2014 Summary Of Art :icondelila2110:Delila2110 10 2 Thank you for coming by Delila2110 Thank you for coming :icondelila2110:Delila2110 358 39 DGM Moyashi by Delila2110 DGM Moyashi :icondelila2110:Delila2110 280 35 DGM Out of the cold by Delila2110 DGM Out of the cold :icondelila2110:Delila2110 241 16 DGM  Love by Delila2110 DGM Love :icondelila2110:Delila2110 231 23



hii guys,

I'm sorry, I know I've been gone for quite some time
Anyway, here's a list of what I'm going to do in the next two months:
-Finishing a request for :iconzolk:
-Finishing a Naruto-poster I'm working on atm
-Starting to write a DGM fanfic which kinda flows together with :iconlordpeachy:'s Mystery of a History
-Finishing my book I'm writing in Dutch and publish it :s *glomps*
-Do another Lucy Cosplay
-Do an Angel Cosplay 

Anyone else who wants me to do something?

Luv you all :heart:

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  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: my cheek...
  • Drinking: nothing


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emmelien jacques
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
NYU? x3

hii there,

I thought it was about time to write some new stuff here...
and guess what, I still don't know what :p

at this moment, I'm writing for Yullen-week, and 3 fanfics at the same time...
on top of that, my pc crashed so I had to buy a new one, and my scanner doesn't work on that goddamned thing...
so no more drawings...
just kidding :D I'll find a way to upload them, just be patient ;)

I take requests... (I doubt anyone will ever ask me... :p)

that was is,
fav and comment all the way around, tell me what I can do better and so on
thanks for taking time to read this ;)



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